Making Your First Video Game in Unity – Resource Notes

0:13 1:28 Downloading Unity

1:35 2:01 Creating a new project and selecting project save location in Unity

2:02 3:13 User Interface

  • Mouse wheel to zoom
  • Middle mouse or left click to pan around
  • Alt + left click to roate around center view
  • The hierarchy disaplays the objects we have in our scene
  • When you click on a an object in the inspector bar you will see the properties of the object such as the transformation tool and other panlas called componets
  • By going in the top right and selecting default you get the default layout

3:12 to create an object right-click or click on the create button in the hierarchy panel and select the object time… in the video, he selects a cube

3:27 To focus on a specific object select the object and press F

3:37 In the transformation component you can right-click and select reset to reset the position of an object

3:52 How to change the camera position and look at your game live while working on it. 

4:23 Changing the name of an object in the project and moving an object

4:52 Creating a new material for an object (so texture) and changing the color of an object

5:53 Adding physics to an object or player

6:25 How to use different tools like rotation, scale, and move tool as well as short cuts on keyboards

7:02 How to duplicate an object

7:11 Components further explained such as transform and mesh renderer or collision

6:23 Changing the shape of an object

Any adjustment made during the live game demo will not be saved

9:56 Changing sky and pressing shift + space to view game demo in full screen

10:19 How to save your game

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