The MDA Game Framework

– what does MDA stand for??

– The three different machines described

– Aesthetics MDA

Mechanics – MDA

Dynamic – MDA

How far can you take your project?? the audience, age, etc
– MDA – Mechanics, Dynamics, and Aesthetics

– MDA is created for game analysis, game design and
development, game criticism, and technical game research

– Most things are made through some sort of system (methodology) that gives the designer the start and end of the project. MDA makes that easier.

1. Sensation 
Game as sense-pleasure 
2. Fantasy 
Game as make-believe 
3. Narrative 
Game as drama 
4. Challenge 
Game as obstacle course 
5. Fellowship 
Game as social framework 
6. Discovery 
Game as uncharted territory 
7. Expression 
Game as self-discovery 
8. Submission 
Game as pastime

Mechanics are the various actions, behaviors and control
mechanisms afforded to the player within a game context.

Encourages individual users to leave their mark: systems for
purchasing, building or earning game items, for designing,
constructing and changing levels or worlds, and for
creating personalized, unique characters.

– When done with any process you should go through the tuning phase where you test and tune the game.

– The three steps to checking your games MDA
– First Pass
What are the aesthetic goals for this design? Exploration and discovery are probably more important than challenges. As such the dynamics are optimized here not for “winning” or “competition”

– Second Pass 
Consider a different version of the game. (age, audience, etc)

– Third Pass
Consider a version of the game for the older audience, what things can you add in?? (Looting, missions, weapons)

– Conclusion
So after this you can now see, what things to restrict of difficulty, or inconvenience, etc


MDA stands for Mechanics, Dynamics, and Aesthetics which makes analyzing your game for error so much easier. It goes both ways though, it also allows the criticizer to make criticism. MDA gives you steps to analysis and criticize a game.

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