Solo Learn (continue learning)

I have been wanting to learn to code but had an error so I had to stop early into my solo learn least. Though now Christain helped me, I can continue learning.

Since I stopped for a while. I decided to relearn everything I knew. so for now I am relearning and continuing solo learn. And I will continue solo learn and then move onto another lesson for the rest of the year.

I will also continue to improve my game in construct 3. However, I need the full version of construct which Mr. LeDuc is going to help with next week.

ProG Feedback



Someone vs World


A little history: ProG – Pro Gamer (the reason behind the name, basically this game is supposed to be hard)

About the game: This game is basically kind of like flappy bird except cheaper and made with hard work. Plus it was made by all of me (well youtube literally helped step by step but still). So I would like for you guys to enjoy the game

Controls (you can only move up): To move up in order to avoid the firey stick. You have a lot of options. I thought about how different people like different styles of playing, so I made about 4 or maybe 3 controls.

1. Space bar   2. Up arrow   3. Left Click   4. Touch

To start the game: In order to start the game at first, your gonna have to click anywhere with your mouse after the short message then click on the Play button, and then you will be in the game. Then use the controls above to play. 

I hope you enjoy the game! And remember, If you in any way use the name ProG which mind you, is a Neremia B studios trademark. You will end up in a 1.5 trillion dollar sue (I need money). And again, Enjoy the game!


1. This game is fairly simple and maybe too simple so what do you think I should add (to the logo, to the gameplay, etc) to make it less complex or more simple?

2. What would you change about the game (colors, design, etc)

Peer Feedback

Feedback from “TheDailyGrind” – This is a great game with very addictive gameplay! All I found when I was playing is that there wasn’t a game over screen, which would’ve made the transition between dying and restarting a whole lot smoother. Also, consider a pause menu. Otherwise, I love it!

Feedback from “Christian” – Due to the server’s limitation Christian recommended that I maybe don’t make the beginning an animation or remove it because the loading is forever.

Feedback from “Ian Osborn” – make the intro shorter and spread the torches out more.

Feedback from “Gage Carpenter” – I think it’s good I think there should be levels or coins, and maybe like a flamethrower, you have to dodge.

Feedback from “Slade Carpenter” – you should make it much wider and less zoomed in.

Feedback from “Austin Wilcox” – I think that the colors are good and the designs work together well, I think maybe adding extra obstacles after awhile would increase the difficulty.