Game Analysis: Rocket League


The game I wanted to do an analysis on is Rocket league bc its the game I have been playing the most recently. Its also about soccer which is my favorite sport. Lastly its the only game I play as of right now though I have a lot of games

Game Play Analysis

Formal Elements

The BasicsNOTES
Name of the game:Rocket league
The platform:PC
Time played (should be at least 30 minutes):1 Hour (my free time)
If you could work on this game (change it), what would you change and why?This is a really well done game but if I worked on it I would make it less complex
How many players are supported?This is a sports game about soccer so it has different modes which include Single Player (kinda), and then there is Multiple vs Multiple which includes 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4.
Does it need to be an exact number?No and Yes. There are different modes where if your team leaves you play by yourself vs the other team who have full players or and there’s other modes where if you choose 2v2 or 3v3, you have to have 2 players vs 2 players or 3v3.
How does this affect play?Well usually when a team leaves it leaves you by yourself which isn’t good.
What are the players trying to do?The players are trying to score as many goals as possible in a certain amount of time.
There are three categories of (what Rules of Play calls) operational rules:There are literally no rules. You have a car, you have a soccer ball and a team. 
What controls are used?Don’t understand this sorry!
Was there a clear introductory tutorial?Yes the tutorial was clear but not so helpful. Once done with the mian tutorial, you’re left alone with people who are the same level but understand the controls as you don’t. So you have to learn and improve from other players and by yourself.
Were they easy to understand or did you find  yourself spamming the controller?Well sometimes it was easy cause i did the tutorial and i was already into agming before but at the same time i was a noob with controls and i didn’t know which keys it meant by RT or LT. So I had to click a lot of keys to finger it out,
Resources & Resource ManagementNOTES
What kinds of resources do players control? Players only control the car which controls the ball.
How are they maintained during play?The car never changes everything about the car stays the same including health. (I don’t really get this one)
What is their role?The car’s role is to score the goals with the soccer ball.
Game StateNOTES
The snapshot of the game at a single point is the game state. The resources you have, the un-owned properties in Monopoly, your opponent’s Archery skill all count towards the game state.Don’t get this one either
How much information in the game state is visible to the player?A lot. You can view the time left to finish the game. Who has earned the most amount of points. And the scoreboard
In what order do players take their actions?Turn-based with simultaneous play, Real-time and Turn-based and time limits at the same time bc you play as a team and when you see your chance you go for it at the same time you wait if you see your teammate is hitting the ball. (you don’t wanna be in their way)
How does play flow from one action to another?Very well. You can change up the action you’re doing at any time.
Player InteractionNOTES
What is the player interaction?In rocket league it’s more of a direct attack but with teams. Where we attack you and you attack us.
Theme & NarrativeNOTES
Does it have an actual story structure? No.
Is it based on an historical event (or similar)? No.
Does the theme or narrative help you know how to play?No and Yes. Like yes you try to score and by using a car which has different skills you can use to both get through and score..
Does it have emotional impacts?Yes. You would be happy if you win a game and level up as much as you can.
Also look for en media res (does it start in the middle of the game)?Don’t understand once again.
The Elements in MotionNOTES
How do the different elements interact?Soccer ball interacts with car, Car interacts with car (car means the player as well cause he is using the car), Car also interacts with environment
What is the gameplay like? Smooth, can be a bit fast for beginners and for me even though I am used to the game a bit.
Is it effective? Yes.
Are there any points where the design choices break down?No.
Design CritiqueNOTES
Why did the designer make these particular choices? Maybe because they study soccer.
Why this set of resources? Because I think that they thought it would be a bit funner and different from other games at the same time.
What if they made different decisions? I think the game would still have been fun though this is more of a game where one choice could kill a lot but also could not at the same time.
Does the design break down at any point?No.
Graphics & SoundNOTES
Does the game art pair well with the mechanics? Yes.
Did you find any bugs or glitches?Sometimes but nothing major. It’s like my internet glitching, not the game though.
What about sound?The sound is great, plus there are different sounds for cars and everything. Though this game is a simple game where you don’t need to work so hard with the sound cause there are no big things like talking or anything.
Can you spot any technical shortcuts?Yes, You can choose different sounds for cars and I think that’s because they didn’t want to make different sounds for different cars.
Various stagesNOTES
What challenges do you face, and how do you overcome them?The challenge of not knowing rather someone understands some parts of the game more than you. 
Is the game fair?Yes and No. In Some parts  as I said the games lets you continue a game if your team leaves. 
Is it replayable?Yes.
Are there multiple paths to victory or optional rules that can change the experience?There are billions of paths.
What is the intended audience?I feel like it was intended for soccer fans but the devs didn’t realize that it was a sun game that anyone can play. Cause it constantly has updates about soccer but if you play the game you almost forget that its about soccer.
What is the core, the one thing you do over and over, and is it fun?Hitting the ball.

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